Partners of the FORêVER project

An Interdisciplinary Partnership

The project gathers multiple skills:
- ecophysiology of forest ecosystems to predict net carbon balance and biomass growth (ISPA, INRA, Bordeaux);
- carbon balance of wood valorisation chains (LERFOB, AgroParisTech-INRA, Nancy);
- process engineering for biomass conversion and life cycle assessment of bioenergy chains (LRGP, CNRS-University of Lorraine, Nancy);
​- economy of energy and land uses (CIRED, CNRS-CIRAD- EHESS, Nogent).

The exchanges between all these interdisciplinary partners are fostered by a common Ph-D student (Chloé Pelletier, funded by CNRS-INSIS).
Other partners such as LERMAB (Epinal, Y. Rogaume), EIFER (Karlsruhe, L. Dieckhoff) are also associated to this project.


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​Reactions and Chemical Engineering Laboratory (LRGP) 

The project is coordinated by LRGP (ENSIC, Nancy). This laboratory brings its skills on:
- the development of thermochemical processes (gasification, pyrolysis, combustion);
- the modelling of bioenergy chains under Aspen Plus® software;
- the life cycle assessment of bioenergy chains.
LRGP also contributes to the social assessment with partners.
Participants: C. Pelletier, J. Francois, M.N. Pons, J.C. André, R. Bounaceur, G. Wild, F. Billaud, G. Mauviel, A. Dufour


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Interaction Soil Plant and Atmosphere (ISPA-INRA) 

This laboratory brings its skills on:

- the understanding of biophysical and biogeochemical cycles in forests to determine the carbon, water and energy balances of forest ecosystems;
- the development of the GO+ model to predict the effect of climate change, forest management and soil on these balances and on the net production of stemwood;
- the coupling between GO+ and CAT model developed by AgroParisTech-LERFOB.
Participants: D. Picart, A. Bosc, C. Moisy, V. Moreaux, D. Loustau


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Laboratory of Forest and Wood Resources (LERFOB-AgroParisTech)

This laboratory brings its skills on:
- the assessment of carbon balance by the “CAT” model (Carbon Assessment Tool) for the valorisation of stemwood including transport, timber, pulp and paper, recycling and energy, under the CAPSIS national platform;
- the coupling between GO+ (forest ecosystem balances) and CAT (wood valorisation chain);
- the effect of forest management scenarios on wood valorisation chain.
Participant: M. Fortin


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International research center on environment and development (CIRED)

This laboratory brings its skills on:
- the technical-economical assessment of the bioenergy chains;
- the study of the potential tensions on land-use between bioenergy production, forest preservation and food security by means of the Nexus Land-Use model;
- the integration of bioenergy within the global (world) economy of energy by combining the Nexus Land-Use and the IMACLIM-R models.
Participants: C. Pelletier, P. Dumas, T. Brunelle